James Kilgore Launches Freedom Never Rests in South Africa

James Kilgore speaks at Communiy House, Cape Town on July 10, 2012.

After a nine and a half year absence, James Kilgore returned to South Africa in July  to visit old friends and launch his latest South African publication: Freedom Never Rests (Jacana Media).  He gave book talks at the University of Johannesburg, University of Pretoria, Wits, University of Cape Town, and University of KwaZulu-Natal and spoke to community groups in Durban and Cape Town.  To read the text of his talk at University of Johannesburg visit:  http://www.pmpress.org/content/article.php/20120731102630803

For a review of the book in the Natal Witness (Durban) visit:  http://www.witness.co.za/index.php?showcontent&global[_id]=85586

To order Freedom Never Rests click here.

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Freedom Never Rests: A Novel of Democracy in South Africa

Freedom Never Rests is the much-awaited second novel from James Kilgore. It is  an extraordinary novel which portrays the historical roots of the service delivery revolts that have swept South Africa in recent years.

With a precise and at times humorous eye for the details of backroom politics and street level organisation, Freedom Never Rests centres around an engaging and tragic couple:  unemployed ex- shop steward revolutionary Monwabisi Radebe and his wife, Constantia, a former nursery school aide turned local councillor in the fictional Eastern Cape township of Sivuyile.

Their relationship is a metaphor for the new democratic order. As the council implements an American-financed project of prepaid meters, water cut-offs are visited upon dozens of households in Sivuyile. The idealistic Monwabisi faces the most difficult of choices: to remain loyal to his wife, the mother of his children who represents an increasingly discredited council or take to the streets with disenchanted residents.

Avoiding simplistic analyses and triumphant rhetoric, Freedom Never Rests lays bare the political and personal intricacies of community struggles.  On a grand political canvas artfully drawn, Monwabisi and a host of other intriguing and compelling characters pull us into their moral and economic dilemmas and force us to confront the complexity of democracy in our country through a sensitive and insightful lens.